How Many Collections are in the Department of Anthropology?

The Department of Anthropology is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, becoming a Department at the University of Alberta on August 1, 1966. From the beginning, the department has supported its teaching and research with collecting and collections. The department now curates five collections: the Bryan/Gruhn Archaeology, Bryan/Gruhm Ethnographic, Fossil Hominid Cast, Osteology and the Zooarchaeology Reference Collections. These collections include tens of thousands of specimens representing numerous materials from innumerable locations.

The Department of Anthropology's 50th anniversary celebrations will include many events including an upcoming public speakers series. View for more details.

Fast Facts:

  • The Bryan/Gruhn Archaeology Collection contains more than 10,000 prehistoric and historic objects from around the world.
  • Fossil casts represent primates from the Paleocene through to the Holocene and emphasize the ancestral lines to humans.
  • Ethnographic collection represents North & South America, Indonesia, Africa and the Middle East