Museums Policy and Procedures

All matters pertaining to museum objects and collections at the University of Alberta are governed by the University of Alberta Museums and Collections Policy. The policy and associated procedures define the University’s responsibilities and accountabilities related to museum objects, collections and issues.

The policy and procedures were developed in consultation with academic and administrative staff throughout campus as part of UAPPOL (University of Alberta Policies and Procedures On-Line). The policy was approved by the Board of Governors March 28, 2008. The University of Alberta Museums Policy and Planning Committee continually reviews and advises on policy issues.

For more information, contact Museums and Collections Services, the Office of Administrative Responsibility for the policy and procedures:

What is a Registered Collection?

Under the UofA Museums and Collections Policy, museum collections must be registered with Museums and Collections Services in order to acquire museum objects and operate museum facilities that contain museum objects and collections. All 29 museum collections operating at the University of Alberta are registered and authorized to undertake various museum-related activities.