Li Ka Shing (Canada) Foundation Brings Work of Public Art to Life on U of A Campus

LKS Unveiling

The University of Alberta unveils its latest work of public art that will be added to the University of Alberta Art Collection today, Wednesday, October 21. Health research, imagination and human wonder all inspired InScope, a sculpture created by Dam de Nogales, which will be situated outside the Li Ka Shing Centre for Health Research Innovation.

The Li Ka Shing Centre for Heath Research Innovation is situated on the University of Alberta’s North Campus (main campus) on the corner of 87th avenue and 112th street. This building was designed as a flexible space that supports current and future research and teaching needs. The building is uniquely situated on a major arterial passageway into the heart of the university – uniting the fine and performing arts, education and health research innovation quadrants of campus.

"We did an international call for artists to create a work of art to bring to life Mr. Li Ka-Shing’s generosity,” said Janine Andrews, Executive Director of the University of Alberta Museums. “After all the proposals were adjudicated, the jury chose InScope by Dam de Nogales for their imagination and their thought-provoking work of art.”

This work of public art was commissioned after a generous $28 million donation to the University of Alberta by the Li Ka Shing (Canada) Foundation in 2005 to establish the Li Ka Shing Institute of Virology and the Li Ka Shing Sino-Canadian Exchange Program. It was requested that 1 per cent of the donation go towards the acquisition of a work of art. 

“Art, like knowledge and research, transcends boundaries. It is an international language. It is something that speaks to everyone in many different ways and on many different levels,” said Dr. Lorne Tyrrell, Founding Director of the Li Ka Shing Institute of Virology at the University of Alberta. “This piece of public art has been able to capture the magnitude of the essence and generosity of Mr. Li.”

InScope is composed of a 22 foot tall human figure whose body contains an open space and, in front, a second life-sized human figure with an upward gaze. The work alludes to both the focus and creative exploration that happens behind the walls of the Li Ka Shing Centre which leads to new discoveries that positively impact those in the community. At night, the interior shape of the tall figure will light up and refocus the concept of the sculpture onto the researcher and the human elements behind the work done in the Li Ka Shing Centre.

This sculpture was created by Edwin and Veronica Dam de Nogales. Working together since the 1990s, more than 25 of their works can be seen in Spain, Italy, the United States, and Canada, in various cities and at educational institutions. Their most recent work – Wait for Me, Daddy – created from the iconic photo of a boy running after his father as he heads to battle, it was unveiled in New Westminster, BC last October.

Public art from the University of Alberta Art Collection inspires the future and preserves the past. Located throughout campus, public art creates a sense of place, documents the University of Alberta's distinguished history, is a creative source of pride for all of our communities, and reflects the importance of art in our daily lives.

About the Artists:

Edwin Timothy Dam (Canadian) and Veronica de Nogales Leprovost (Spanish) have been married and sculpting together since the late 1990s. They share their time between Canada and Spain. Their work has attracted the attention of galleries and media worldwide. Combining iron and bronze as well as the abstract and figurative, their works have increased in magnitude and power over the past nearly two decades. More than 25 of their works can be seen in Spain, Italy, the United States, and Canada, in various cities and at educational institutions including at Bristol College (Massachusetts) and the University of Toronto. They have created historical, monumental, and contemporary public sculpture, covering a wide variety of subjects. Their most recent work-- Wait for Me, Daddy—created from the iconic photo of a boy running after his father as he heads to battle—was unveiled in New Westminster, BC, on October 4, 2014. All works are signed under the unified name Dam de Nogales.

About the Li Ka Shing (Canada) Foundation:

Mr. Li Ka Shing is known throughout the world as Chairman of the globally successful Cheung Kong Group. But his life story is marked my much more than his achievements in business. Trials, hardship, and a sense of loneliness accompanied him on his journey from a small coastal village in China to the flourishing enterprise he oversees today. These challenges formed the basis of his devotion to helping others, a commitment that eventually emerged as the Li Ka Shing Foundation. Through the Foundation, Mr. Li has dedicated his time, energy and resources to serving mankind. He has pioneered and supported multiple philanthropic programs and initiatives with an eye towards social progress and reform, innovation and creativity, and – above all – charity.

Every project and every donation stems from Mr. Li’s belief in the inherent value of human life, regardless of race, class or circumstance. He has devoted himself to helping others overcome the educational and physical barriers preventing them from achieving their potential.

Mr. Li’s experiences and life are a testament to his conviction that through hard work and determination each of us can make a difference in the world – but only with a giving heart can we propel positive change that lasts.