U of A Museums Saturday Screening: Prairie Tales

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University of Alberta Museums Saturday Screening

Prairie Tales

Date: Saturday, December 12, 2015

Time: 1:30 pm (91 min)

Location: University of Alberta Museums Galleries at Enterprise Square (10230 Jasper Avenue) – Idea Lounge

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The University of Museums is proud to present a Saturday Screening of Prairie Tales – an annual touring collection of short films and videos made by Albertan artists. In its 17th year, this rendition of Prairie Tales offers a selection of some of the year’s best short films and videos in a feature-length compilation.

The compilation includes:

  1. The Match (d. Kurt Spenrath) 15:08
  2. Haiku 4: STILL (d. Lyle Pisio) 6:22 *
  3. This Wind (d. Dylan Rhys Howard) 8:00**
  4. M 22.079 (d. Joel Hamilton) 3:05
  5. The Shooting of Dan McGrew (d. Braden Brickner) 10:27
  6. Haiku 7: PULSE (d. Lyle Pisio) 4:41
  7. Lilly’s Big Day (d. The Bum Family) 4:41 *
  8. Do You See Me? (d. Ramin Eshraghi-Yazdi) 15:28
  9. Haiku 5: BLOOM (d. Lyle Pisio) 1:45
  10. Bleach (d. Don Best) 7:00
  11. The Little Deputy (d. Trevor Anderson) 8:56 */ **
  12. Journey in the Land of My Own (d. Carlo Ghioni) 6:00 *

* Young Audiences programs

** U of A alumni

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Prairie Tales is produced by AMAAS with funding assistance form the Alberta Foundation of the Arts and support from Metro Cinema. For more information, please email prairietales@amaas.ca

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