The Re-birth of Venus: Fashion and the Venus Kallipygos

May 3, 2013 - March 2, 2014

Gallery Location:
Human Ecology Building Gallery
Main Floor, 116 Street and 89 Avenue
University of Alberta, Edmonton

From the Clothing and Textiles Collection, The Re-Birth of Venus: Fashion & the Venus Kallipygos  explores the influence of art on fashion through the study of Venus Kallipygos, a statue from the National Archaeological Museum in Naples, Italy, and its pervasive influence on dress.

Unlike other statues, this goddess exposes herself without a hint of modesty. The research investigates the artifact in terms of genre, production and cultural significance. Highlights of the exhbition include a Fortuny "Delphos" gown, a bias-cut evening gown by designer and Edmonton native Michael Kaye, and an early 1800s white muslin gown with silver dots that will please Jane Austen fans.