Allen Ball - That Shepherd: Righteousness

July 17 - September 27, 2014

Enterprise Square Galleries (10230 Jasper Ave)

Gallery Hours: Thursday/Friday: 12-6pm, Saturday: 12-4pm

(Admission by donation)

Allen Ball was a participant in the Canadian Forces Artist Program in 2007 in Northern Egypt. This resulting series of 12 paintings uses photographs taken during his tour of duty. Digitally printing these images onto the canvas and painting over them, Ball relays slivers of the realities of serving abroad.  

The paintings evoke comradery, alienation, banality, and curiosity, amongst the other realities of leading lives while serving abroad. Ball’s interest in the associative powers of colour and the parallel he draws between military peacekeeping efforts and colonial missionary evangelism frame poignant questions about authority, altruism, and service.

The entire series of 12 paintings will be presented in two parts, with the second half on view beginning August 28.