Emergency Preparedness

2016 Holiday and Winter Closure - Preparations Prior to Closure

For the 2016 Holiday and Winter Closure MACS will serve as the University of Alberta Museums' (UAM) primary contact for alarm notifications and emergencies. In all instances, MACS will then inform appropriate UAM collection’s lead emergency contacts.

To ensure that all spaces housing UAM collections are well secured over the Closure, and that any problems are detected and resolved as early as possible, each UAM collection should perform the following before December 23, 2016:

  • Inform MACS as early as possible if all responsible collections staff will be away for the duration of the Closure;
  • Have a collections staff member do a final walk through of all spaces to ensure there are no outstanding issues, and to unplug and shut down unnecessary equipment;
  • Ensure all doors and windows are shut and securely locked; and ensure alarm system (if applicable) is turned on;
  • If there are specific collections concerns (e.g. history of leaks, risk of theft, etc.), we recommend that a collections staff member makes at least one on-site check of all spaces during the Closure period;
  • If there is an emergency related issue in your collections during the Closure, contact the following in the order of urgency and type of emergency:
    1. Fire – Ambulance – Police: 911
    2. University Protective Services: 780-492-5050
    3. Facilities and Operations: 780-492-5555
    4. MACS 24/7 Emergency Contact Number: 780-492-9369;
  • Read and follow Risk Management Services' "Winter Closure Safety and Security Recommendations" to help further secure your collections for the Closure.

Collections Emergency Response Team

A Museums and Collections Services (MACS) Emergency Response Team will be available on a case-by-case basis to assist with remediation and salvage procedures in the event of an emergency affecting museum collections. We are also able to call in outside assistance to obtain additional equipment and personnel if necessary. 

If there is an emergency affecting a museum collection, please contact our 24-hour phone number: 780.492.9369

To access specific UAM collections' emergency plans, follow this link: